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Write Your Own Prescription

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Today, write yourself a prescription.

Figure out what you need and give it to yourself.

Rx: be specific. A taco. A walk around the middle school track. A visit to the dog park where you refuse to feel awkward for not having a dog and just pet whichever fuzzball will give you the time of day.

A cup of tea and a stick of incense that you must burn under the moon around the base of your favorite tree.

A handwritten note to the old you you’re always shaming

or the future you you’re always thinking will be so much more together.

A list of all the ways you’re making it work, Werqing It, getting yourself to go to work.

A list of all the first thoughts that come when you say out loud “I am ______.” “I was _____.” “I should be _____.” Then burn it.

Bury the ashes near the tree roots and let them be transformed by a growing beast of a thing, something so beyond you in past present future.

Maybe your prescription is eat one cucumber every day for a week, or set an alarm for 6:30 with this song called “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie” and force yourself out of bed to dance to it till sleep is a distant feeling and the day feels On.

Call someone you know won’t answer and leave a message telling them a reason they’re particularly someone you want to keep around.

Watch a YouTube video about how to safely do a headstand.

Get something from the free section of Craigslist and make it into something it never was.

Give your love away,

Or just share your lunch with everyone around you.

Leave your prescription in the comments or email me:

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